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Harness the Power of Green with Crestron

Crestron Green

Harness the Power of Green with Crestron
Midwest Home Technology Experts Spotlight Environmental Solutions

Since we opened the doors here at Lucid Integrated Systems, we have been committed to offering only the finest and most reliable brands for every project we take on. Some brands might be instantly recognizable to professionals in our industry, but that doesn't always mean our customers know exactly who these manufacturers are or everything they have to offer in convenience and energy savings. For example, many are aware that Crestron has been the leading provider of control and automation systems for over 40 years. What they might not know is how Crestron solutions can actually save energy and money. To rectify this, we're making Crestron solutions our feature this month.


We often have a sense that closing shades against the sun's glare or dimming the lights in a room is enough to offset rising energy usage and costs. However, real green and sustainability efforts are more complex than that. When trying to create meaningful reductions in energy usage and utility costs, you have to integrate all the building systems onto a single, intelligent management platform. That's where Crestron comes in.

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Crestron InteriorTo deliver total technology solutions, Crestron products are Integrated by Design™. This provides an intelligent platform that unifies all energy-consuming systems including HVAC, lighting, shades, AV, voice and data, security, room scheduling and much more. Crestron allows the homeowner (or building manager) to monitor and control the technology throughout, centrally and globally, all from one dashboard.

Solutions for every room and system

Through seamless integration of robust control systems, commercial lighting, and award-winning software, Crestron connects every room. Or, if need be, every building. Crestron eliminates the inefficiencies and inconvenience of monitoring many separate buildings, each with its own management software. You can intuitively manage, monitor, and schedule every environmental or audio/video system from any touch screen, web browser, or smart device for best performance and energy savings.

Crestron's systems will tell you when and how rooms are used, so you can delegate energy as needed. Crestron allows you to "wake up" a conference room prior to a presentation, and then senses when the meeting is over (and the room is vacant), so it can power down any energy consumption.

All the information at your fingertips

Crestron's management software offers a single glance of every lighting, A/V and environmental device throughout your home or office, keeping you informed of the status of each room in real time.

You can see precise lighting levels, temperature, and shade positions from any touch screen or web-enabled device. Track current and historical energy consumption and manage room resources with robust reporting. Monitor the power grid and renewable energy sources, and automatically draw from the most cost-effective source. That's intelligent, fully-integrated environmental solutions...only from Crestron and Lucid.

Whether building a modern home or refurbishing an office, hotel, training facility or beyond, Crestron solutions make a real impact in reducing energy consumption and formulating a greener environment. Give Lucid Integrated Systems a call to learn more about how Crestron can help you make technology behave!

Hope to see you soon!