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Four Ways Shade Automation Improves Your Outlook


Four Ways Shade Automation Improves Your Outlook

Lucid Integrated Systems and Lutron introduce Serena Remote Controlled Shades

At Lucid Integrated Systems, we know too well that living in the Midwest does not mean exemption from sun damage to furniture or energy costs. Among the many manufactures we work with for home automation, Lutron is an industry leader whose products we highly recommend. Here's why:

Serena remote controlled shades provide the beauty, luxury and exceptional quality of a Lutron motorized shade at a price comparable to that of many manual window treatments. If you haven't experienced the convenience of shades operating by remote control, you have yet to discover what integrated control can do for your day-to-day living.

Lutron and Serena shades make the luxury of home automation accessible, adding a "wow" factor to your home for a very affordable price. Just imagine the different ways this simple upgrade can affect the way you live:



Reduce the mid-day heat by filtering the daylight that enters your room. Reduce cooling costs by lowering the shades in the summer. When you stop the sun's rays from heating up a room, you prevent the air conditioning from working overtime. Raise them during the winter to help capture heat from those selfsame rays and lower heating costs.


Block the distracting glare from intrusive sunlight with the press of one convenient button. Use the remote control to adjust your Serena shades from anywhere in the room.



Increase your solitude by covering that high window in the foyer. Serena shades are battery powered, making them ideal for hard-to-reach windows.



The batteries are easily replaceable with a Tap n' Tilt technology, and the Triathlon power technology provides a 3-year battery life, reducing the frequency at which the batteries require changing.


Command the temperature of your sunroom, quietly change the atmosphere in the nursery, or augment your privacy in the bathroom. There is no aspect of your home (or office) that won't benefit from automated shade controls. Stop by Lucid Integrated Systems and let us provide a demonstration!