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What are the SOUND Priorities when Planning a Home Theater Build?

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What are the SOUND Priorities when Planning a Home Theater Build?
Midwest Home Theater Installation Expert Offers Important Considerations

Last time, we discussed the importance of determining your (1) space and (2) display before making any commitment to building a home theater. This time we focus on sound.

(3 of 10) The Sound Reproduction
Many would argue that the quality of your theater's audio capability is even more important than how clear the images are on the screen. Your options include either an AV Receiver or a Preamplifier/Amplifier combination.

An AV Receiver combines the functions of three components:
a) A Radio Tuner for AM/FM and, in some cases, HD (Hi-Def), Internet or Satellite Radio
b) A Preamplifier for controlling which audio and video source is selected (Blu-ray, DVD, CD, etc.), it processes the incoming stereo or surround sound
    signals and distributes them through the correct channels/outputs
c) And a Multi-channel Amplifier that sends the signals and power to the speaker system

A Home Theater, AV, Surround Sound Receiver or Separate Preamp and Amplifier provides most of the inputs and outputs that everything, including your TV, connects into. A receiver can be an easy and cost-effective way of centralizing your home theater system. That said, many high-end theater installations use separate components for each channel (which gives more flexibility in changing or upgrading and prevents the interference that can happen with combining functions with one unit). On average, a good Receiver will prove more than adequate.


(4 of 10) The Speakers
In much the same way the size of your space determines how large your video display should be, your room will determine what speakers are going to work best. We recommend listening to several different speaker models before you buy, and consider utilizing the same brand throughout (ensuring a better acoustical match). We have suggestions, but audio is subjective. How they sound to YOU is most important.


(5 of 10) The Subwoofers
The Subwoofer reproduces the low frequencies found in music and movies. Again, the size of your space (and flooring) helps determine which subwoofer will work best and we highly recommend you sample a variety to find the unit that performs to your requirements.


Tune in next time...

Our next blog will look at the product protection, wiring, furnishings and more. On average, the most successful builds are the ones wherein the homeowner has an idea of the basic requirements from the very beginning of the project. Regardless of how much homework you want to do, the Lucid Integrated Systems team is available to answer any questions and offer helpful advice based on years of experience. Call or stop by!