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Articles in Category: Metro Twin City Home Automation

How Many Ways Can You Personalize YOUR Lighting?

Lucid Integrated Systems has the solutions for Lighting Control form and function

How Many Ways Can You Personalize YOUR Lighting?

If you’re worried that your individuality will be lost when you work with a technology integrator for your controlled lighting options, we’ve got great news!  The fact is that an expert lighting control system allows you to get creative in all sorts of ways (from which light sources react to your commands to the design of the controllers themselves, and much more) that will uniquely express your personality and style. When you partner with Lucid Integrated Systems in Minnesota, Wisconsin or just about anywhere in the Midwest, your system will feel like a natural extension of your house; easily relatable and providing genuine value and enjoyment.

TAGS: Lucid Integrated Systems | Midwest Lighting Control | Minnesota Home Lighting | Wisconsin Automated Lights

Why Design a Video Conferencing System?

Lucid Integration Systems explores the benefits of teleconferencing

Why Design a Video Conferencing System?

Upgrading your home office capabilities? You’re not alone. With most small businesses operating across multiple time zones and national boarders, the right technology is essential to staying relevant in today’s global economy whether at a corporate campus or down the hallway from the kitchen.

TAGS: Green Bay Video Conference Soltuions | Lucid Integrated Systems | Midwest Video Conference Systems | Wisconsin Video Conferencing Solutions

Lucid Integrated Systems: Certified in Crestron DigitalMedia

Your favorite Midwest AV integration firm has successfully completed the training and exam for an important new designation

Lucid Integrated Systems: Certified in Crestron DigitalMedia

Those who know Lucid Integrated Systems know that we specialize in residential and commercial programming, in addition to a host of other technology services. They also know we’re certifiedfor as a Crestron Services Provider. What they might not know is that, just recently, we expanded our accreditations to include the Crestron DM Certification. Why? Because today’s cutting-edge digital media technology demands a specific skillset, and Lucid wants each and every customer to feel confident that we have both the experience and knowledge to ensure the total success of their projects.

TAGS: Green Bay Design Consulting | Lucid Integrated Systems | Midwest Custom Home Technology | Minnesota Custom Home Technology | Wisconsin Custom Home Technology