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Did You Know Lucid Offers Design & Engineering Consulting?

Let a Midwest-region leader help you plan for a successful custom integration

Did You Know Lucid Offers Design & Engineering Consulting?

It’s our experience here at Lucid Integration Systems that the most successful projects are engineered and documented well in advance of actual construction. Early documentation of your audio/video distribution, home automation, network, lighting, motorized shades, and security needs in the design phase ensures accurate coordination between your architect, interior designer, builder and all subcontractors involved. Initial plans specify all the build requirements your team of professionals need to know.

Before you begin a project, whether partnering with Lucid or working with another integrator, it will help to be familiar with the documentation involved.

Prewire Drawing Set

“Prewire” refers to the installation of cables and wires during a new home’s construction, including the AC electrical wiring and low voltage, home systems cabling. Remember, many wireless devices still use proprietary communication protocols, making them incompatible with other manufacturer’s products. Also, prewiring is a permanent upgrade to your home, increasing its value at sale time..


The wiring schematic is one of the most important documents we create. Schematics are the written plans of electronic equipment; they describe in detail exactly which components are contained in the device and exactly how they are wired together. Unlike AC wiring diagrams or plans, schematics always show all the wiring, as well as all the components.

Rack Elevation

Rack elevation drawings allow your team to design the optimal layout of equipment and ensure it all fits within the space allotted, as well as program and test all equipment before the product is delivered. Equipment racks can be freestanding and placed remotely in a closet or mechanical room, or built to slide into a custom cabinet.

Lighting Load Identification Drawing/s

A lighting control system drawing illustrates the load control method, load numbers and keypad locations. Every load in the project needs to be properly accounted for in terms of whether it is on the system or off the system. It is important to illustrate which loads are not on the system so as to provide everyone working on your project with a complete view of your system.

Lucid’s goal is to accomplish your systems integration while maintaining your home’s interior design. We work with you, your architect, contractor and designer to incorporate everything seamlessly into your remodel, renovation or new construction project. We are also prepared to fulfill any design and engineering needs with professional, experienced consulting services, with an eye toward increasing the value of your upgraded home.

Early planning ensures that there are no surprises that result in additional costs or a compromised finish. Proper documentation also aids service calls that may be required in the future. Remember, if you’re ever in doubt, call Lucid Integration Systems. We offer peace of mind.

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