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Should You Hire an Integrator for Your Home Theater Project? (Part Two)

Lucid Integrated Systems has 4 final points to consider…

Should You Hire an Integrator for  Your Home Theater Project? (Part Two)

As we mentioned in our last blog edition, you’re going to want to work with a personal technology professional who is adept at collaborating with interior designers, architects, electricians and more. Why? Once again, Lucid Integrated Systems, the preferred home technology engineer for the Midwest (including Minnesota and Wisconsin), has 4 additional good reasons/important considerations…

4 – Experience with Finishing Touches
Does the custom AV installer have a background in acoustics, calibration, and overall system tuning? Most any AV installer can place equipment in a room and make it work, but without an understanding of acoustics and how the room influences the overall quality of the sound or picture, more than 50% of the performance can be lost.

3 – References/Recommendations
Are there client recommendations on the Website, or will they provide you with a list of former clients you can call? You're providing access to your home. You want to ensure you're inviting in a real partner with an impeccable background.

2 – Reputation
How long has this dealer been in business? Are they accredited by CEDIA, THX, ISF, and/or the Better Business Bureau? Make sure they have a rock-solid reputation and good track record before you cut them a meaningful check.

1 (And MOST Importantly!) – Save Time & Money!
When you consult early with an integrator, the planning can prevent a variety mistakes from ever happening. Lucid helps coordinate the proper system selections, much like an architect works to understand your needs in order to design your perfect home.

In essence, your decision to hire a home technology integrator will save everyone on the job considerable time and money. Questions? Don't hesitate to call us at Lucid Integrated Systems! We can walk you through every aspect of your future project.

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