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How Can You Make the Most of Your Landscape Lighting?

Lucid Integrated Systems provides 5 important considerations...

How Can You Make the Most of Your Landscape Lighting?

There are plenty of reasons why the addition of outside lights to your home makes sense. We get calls at Lucid Integrated Systems all the timefor ideas on how best to add security while still accentuating the home’s aesthetics (from its architecture to its landscaping). From Minneapolis to Green Bay to just about anywhere throughout the Midwest, Lucid has designed lighting solutions that add curb appeal and have helped dramatically improve resale values. 

If lighting your outdoor space seems simple, we suggest you consider all the parts of the equation to ensure you create a truly memorable atmosphere.

First Comes the Design

Lucid has the experience with low voltage lighting, light intensity, and the overall effect of light to help design your dream landscape. We can identify the principles of the light you’ll use, the correct techniques for installation, the right bulbs, fixtures, transformer and wire needed.

That said, whether you work with professionals like Lucid or install the project yourself, we have found these five principles of lighting design to be extremely important considerations:

Cohesion: The lighting design must make immediate visual sense to residents and guests alike, combining architecture, landscape, and lighting techniques into a sensible relationship.

Depth: Illumination of components both close and at a distance adds depth to your view of the landscape from within the home.

Focal points: You don’t have the pool, fountain, statues or specimen trees to only see during the day. Arbors, gazebos, and other architectural structures deserve to be showcased. Make the most of the accents you’ve take the time to already include.

Balance: Areas of Light and Shadow need to feel synchronized. If plants and structures are lit out of proportion, there will be no sense of design or deliberation.

Visual Pleasure: Among the things you DON’T want: glaring light sources, extremely bright bulbs, misplaced fixtures, etc. Flashpoints decrease the effectiveness of your lighting design, so take the time to ensure there are no distractions.

Lucid makes it Easy

With a well-designed lighting plan, you will be able to enjoy your landscape at evenings during the spring, summer, autumn and even the winter months. It’s artful functionality; lighting paths and patios for safety, with balanced lighting to tie in the landscape plantings and structures while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

If you’re getting ready to explore your options in landscape lighting, don’t hesitate to give Lucid Integrated Systems a call. We’ll even integrate the control of your outdoor lighting control with the rest of your home automation. We look forward to showing you how!

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