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Why Design a Video Conferencing System?

Lucid Integration Systems explores the benefits of teleconferencing

Why Design a Video Conferencing System?

Upgrading your home office capabilities? You’re not alone. With most small businesses operating across multiple time zones and national boarders, the right technology is essential to staying relevant in today’s global economy whether at a corporate campus or down the hallway from the kitchen.

As telecommunications increase productivity and collaboration (while reducing travel costs and employee relocation expenses), Lucid has made it our business to offer the best solutions for our telecommuting clients throughout the Midwest.

Video-conferencing systems from Lucid can give your remote office the necessary capabilities to execute major projects and priorities, allowing you to effectively communicate with anyone anywhere. And, as a bonus, a network upgrade increases your overall performance and reliability.

Important Considerations when Designing a Video Conference System

Lucid knows that, with video conferencing systems, additional factors must be considered besides those accompanying traditional presentation environments.  Sharing your screen with team members and remotely accessing video conferences requires a variety of solutions such as:

Networking - Devices like video conferencing systems place increased pressure on networks and require the support of a strong bandwidth. Most residential networks were never meant to handle the high demands of today’s audio/video components. A well-engineered and secure network is essential to fend off embarrassing data loss hiccups during presentations (such as constant reboots, product failure or unclear images).

Integrated Control Systems - Installing a video conferencing system is the perfect time to integrate a fully-automated system. Easy to access and operate, intuitive control panels offer limitless functionality. With the quick press of a button you can bring all of your network capabilities into the remote office.

If you require customization, Lucid has the answer. By working with the professionals at Lucid, your network will be configured for your house and your setup, meaning it doesn't matter which components you have for your streaming/connectivity—we can make it work. Plus, your teleconferencing will work together with all your other components (TV, Blu-ray, Music, etc.).

Technology evolves at such a rapid pace that we have to evolve with it or get left behind. Our homes need a strong network to meet the demands of the digital age.

From our skilled installation services to our all-encompassing project management, Lucid Integrated Systems will help you build a system that best suits your unique business and personal needs.  Give us a call today so that we may simplify your surroundings, promote efficiency and productivity and instantly improve your overall technology experience. 

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